GENERAL CARGO, The range of options with which we maintain strategic alliances, allow us to offer the efficiency of air transport, the network of international partners broadens the panorama of options and alternatives for the execution of an intelligent logistics.
The supply chain is an individual development, in which the experts in logistics participate, promoting a product that allows to maintain the affluence of its merchandise.
Incomes and outcomes from the international customs office in Mexico City, with authorized personnel and transportation to work in the fiscal area.


    Speed, availability, immediate solutions to any part of the world, we understand the urgency needs that the industry demands, therefore we team up transporting their urgent packages with trained personnel for delivery at destination.


    The perishable products and their handling by personnel within the customs and with the airline, working together for the precise entry before the flight, arriving to refrigeration chamber or monitoring of final delivery with the client.


    In order to reach the specific needs of the automotive, fashion and catalogs markets, we have developed direct logistics that minimize the delivery time and support the demands of the international market.


    We have cooperated with the automotive industry, and energy, delivering projects tailored and timely, highly qualified factors by our customers to cover deliver tenders and projects of the developing industry.


    We have international support to secure your cargo, door – door, port – port, customs – customs, totally or partially.